Naruto Ninja Wars!

Eternal Wars Between the Villages. Pick One that You Would like to Fight for. Make Alliances or Enemies with other Villages. And also, fight for the best.
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 mission hive

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PostSubject: mission hive   Fri Aug 01, 2008 6:46 pm

d-rank find me if u can pays 3000 ryo

d-rank run!!! from the ghost pays 3500

d-rank sand bettles pays 3500

d-rank hells gurdian pays 2000

c-rank nonbeliever mission pays 4500

c-rank bettles partner in crime pays 8000 team requierd

b-rank realese team requierd pays 15000

b-rank passion for the bugs 7000 ryo

a-rank staff of the beetles team requiered pays 28000

S*o-♀-rank-mission pays 50000 culture revind to notice
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mission hive
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