Naruto Ninja Wars!

Eternal Wars Between the Villages. Pick One that You Would like to Fight for. Make Alliances or Enemies with other Villages. And also, fight for the best.
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 why to join this village

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PostSubject: why to join this village   Wed May 07, 2008 7:52 pm

1you get a base weapon with no elements,you can choose between katana's and add an element buy them in shops.

2you'll get a headband like this:

3 I am the head uchiha so it's good for your training if you are one and i now know byuakugan.

4We have an alliance with the rain village.

5 the colors of the village are black and blue.

6 All of the clothing has secret pockets.

7 10% less to pay in the uchiha weapon shop

8 you get the Tihani base clothing with the stats of stats 10/20/10/30: Dur 60/60 and the parts "Black vest Dark blue t-shirt Black baggy pants. Black shoes."
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why to join this village
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