Naruto Ninja Wars!

Eternal Wars Between the Villages. Pick One that You Would like to Fight for. Make Alliances or Enemies with other Villages. And also, fight for the best.
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 Clan Jutsu's(Not Finished or/and accepted)

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PostSubject: Clan Jutsu's(Not Finished or/and accepted)   Sat May 24, 2008 10:13 pm

Accademy students jutsu's(not yet accepted)

Jutsu name:Silent Star
Description:If your behind someone min 1 meter and the shinoby doesn'tknow that u use this jutsu to silently make him fall asleep.
Rarity:Used mostly by genin's
Condition:Train till level 5 and be a gennin.

Jutsu name:Dragon's Tail
Description:You move your legs so fast that it looks like you have a tail.
Rarity:Very Common
Condition:Everyone can learn
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Clan Jutsu's(Not Finished or/and accepted)
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