Naruto Ninja Wars!

Eternal Wars Between the Villages. Pick One that You Would like to Fight for. Make Alliances or Enemies with other Villages. And also, fight for the best.
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Number of posts : 193
Age : 27
Village : Rain village
Weapons : Blade of Rain, Raptor shuriken
Registration date : 2008-04-17

Character page
1200/1200  (1200/1200)
300/3000  (300/3000)
Level: 10

PostSubject: New entry..   Fri May 02, 2008 5:54 pm

Username: Kentaarza Uchiha
Person to add into the bingo book: Kyubi
Reward: 50k ryo
Reason: Being the leader of akatsuki O_O

Signature X _____Kentaarza______ X
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Hyuuga Kye

Number of posts : 601
Registration date : 2008-04-16

Character page
300/300  (300/300)
0/300  (0/300)
Level: 1

PostSubject: anyone wanna take it?   Mon May 05, 2008 2:02 pm

would anyone like to take on this bingo book mission?

alas, for right now, i cannot.

1) my main account is only for managing the forum
2) my second account is still in the academy
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New entry..
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